FITA CHILE - Ibero-American Marketplace of Performing Arts for Children and Youth held in Chile, an event that brings together programmers and artists from different parts of the world.


International children's arts festival in Curitiba, Brazil.

This year digitally.

IDEA Festival

IDEA – International Dance Encounter Amman, is a bi-annual international multi-disciplinary dance festival based in Amman, Jordan.


IDEA aims to put Jordan in the global dance scene. It creates bonds between dance professionals from Jordan and abroad.


Through supporting, producing, and presenting works for local emerging artists, together with a network of international and regional partners, IDEA serves as a platform for innovation, experimentation, and continuous development of dance culture in Jordan and beyond.


For 2019, the 1st edition of IDEA presented 9 cutting-edge dance works from home and abroad, including 46 artists coming from 18 different countries.


For 2021, our 2nd edition of the festival has invited 35 artists from more than 10 different countries to Jordan’s stages, outdoor locations, galleries and museums, with a specific focus on inter-cultural understanding and capacity building.


A carefully curated program included 27 exciting events, such as artistic residencies, live performances, workshops, film screenings, pop-up exhibitions, and online specials. 


IDEA is organized and curated by Studio 8, partnering with local, regional and international organizations. Established in 2014, Studio 8 held more than a hundred workshops while organizing and implementing many events, with a focus on creating multidisciplinary dance productions.



In 10 cities in 10 countries, an international and local community of children, young people, professional artists, museums, theaters, film schools, as well as universities, humanitarian organizations and NGOs will work together on various art projects.The stories of the children and their perspectives are central. They are the authors and the experts.

A performance made by professional actors, dancers and/or musicians created and performed in close collaboration with the children.The performance will be presented in the local language and will address in a high quality and meaningful way the inevitable consequences of poverty.

A documentary will portray the daily life of the children and their families based on what they would like to show. The main focus is the voice of the children, their struggle and courage, their concerns and dreams. The documentary will be made by talented local professionals.

A photo- and visual arts exhibition where local and international artists  work together with children. The exhibition contains all kinds of visual work: Video, painting, sculpture, installations and more. The quality of the artists and the raw sincerity of the children will create exciting and powerful work.  

An educational program will be developed in close cooperation with the local partners and will be available for schools, theatre's and NGO's. These programmes will also be part of the general educational 10CHILDRENbox.
A context program: meetings with experts, discussions, lectures, workshops. Here the collaboration with the different NGO’s and universities will be crucial.

A big opening night, where all the art-projects are presented to a general audience, to local and national politicians, NGO’s, influential members of the community, press and of course to the children and their families. After this event all the art projects will stay available for a long period for schools and a general audience.The goal is to generate publicity for the stories of the children and hopefully create some change in the way their lives are perceived, locally, regionally and globally.


Through the use of the Arts, we create environments, both real and imaginary, for kids and adults to develop their own creative practices and use life skills such as communication, team-work, collaboration, empathy, creative problem-solving, and resilience.” A.S.K
The A.S.K (The Art Space For Kids) is China’s first dedicated children’s theatre that showcases the highest quality international work for children aged 0-12. Currently, the A.S.K has theatres in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, each with an independent art theatre and art space. Each year, more than ten international top children's plays are staged in each theatre, setting the benchmark for Chinese children's drama. Alongside this, the A.S.K also runs a successful educational program, which involves resident and touring international artists teaching children through their ‘Creation Lab’ program, in schools and intensive summer and winter camps.