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The company La Negra María Theatre was founded in the year 2006, with the purpose of creating plays that captivate the audience throughout sensorial stimulation and helping them find in the theatrical experience an artistic creative challenge. Prizewinner of Fondart 2006 and 2008. In 2007 we joined TeVeo Spanish Association of theatre for children and youth. 2009 we joined WAP, World Association of Puppet Art.

With two shows “Historias Minúsculas, de la Tierra el Cielo y el Mar” and “El Mundo de Ella”, La Negra María Theatre has participate en different international and national festivals professionalized.

Today the company have the same passion and wish, to keep creating theatre of quality, ludic, poetic, sensible and profound for children and youth view. And to keep them excited with theatre.

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Tiny Stories of The Universe

Age Range: 4+

Audience Size: up to 600

Duration: 55min



Inspired by the stories of María José Ferrada. Sensory assembly (montage) puppets, masks, music and gestural language are used transmitting the story without the need of speech.

A writer looses her inspiration, to find it, she must follow her feather pen, who invites her to travel through 3 different imaginary worlds. Water world, where in the depths we meet a fish with its own light. World of air, where the

wind brings to life all sorts of objects. And on the earth, where a carnivorous plant rebels against its owner. At the end of the trip she finds her inspiration.


Letters of Children / Cartas de Niños

Age Range: 6+

Audience Size: up to 600

Duration: 50min




“Letters from Children” is inspired by the gaze of those who lived their childhood under dictatorship, embodied in letters and drawings for their parents arrested or disappeared. The story tells the life of Pablo, and his two friends, Ana and Miguel who live in Chile, in 1973 in the middle of a military coup. Paul’s father is kidnapped, from that moment the child begins to communicate with his father through letters, and fantasizes about his reunion. With a poetic and sensitive look, the work stimulates the rescue of the memory and knowledge of our history by bringing us closer to the universe of the child from the perspectives and experiences of childhood.


Children That Were Big / Niños Que Fueron Grandes

Age Range: 8+

Audience Size: up to 1000

Duration: 60 min

"Children That Were Big" is a street play that is based on the play of children who use everything within their reach to travel, recreate and imagine the childhoods of three national writers: Baldomero Lillo, Gabriela Mistral and Manuel Rojas.

It is performed with puppets and in the tradition of theater with objects, where hats, books, unused drawers and other artifacts come to life transforming themselves into something else. The scenery reuses old drawers to

build large letters which are able to be assembled and disassembled into different spaces to play as children in the various territories where the writers lived in their childhood. The sound environment is built on stage and complemented by music especially created for the work, reinforcing the emotional atmosphere of certain moments.