Bebê de soares

After a successful career in dance, Bebê de Soares started to work in 1994 as an actress, director and producer, co-founding T4G - Teatro 4Garoupaswith the Austrian director Arno Kleinofen based in Brazil and Germany. In 2002 she created AMAZONAS NETWORK- office for cultural exchange and touring management platform, creating projects that incentive international exchange on the field of theater foryoung audiences and dance. It is also an international management platform for selected companies in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark.


AMAZONAS NETWORK offers a deep knowledge of international cultural exchange in the field of theatreand dance for children and young people, both from the perspective of the festival organiser/director and from the perspective of the artists. Our mission is to be a valuable voice in and from LatinAmerica and to become a link between professionals in TYA and the maini nternational forums as for example ASSITEJ and IPAY. Our geographical field of action goes from Latin to North America, Europe, China, Japan and South Korea, countries in which we have organized numerous tours and projects.


AMAZONAS NETWORK is co-producer of FITA CHILE anf FITA Chile @IPAY with TeVeo Assitej Chile. Bebêde Soares additionally is the programming director and international coordinator of the event.Since 2017 she is member of the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International representing TeVeo Assitej Chile. In 2018 she became a board member of IPAY – International Performing Arts for Young Audiences in the US. She is co-curator of the MOSTRA ESPETACULAR! In Curitiba, Brazil, and international Coordinator of FITICH and CRIA CHILOE, a festival and residency platform in the Chiloe Archipel in Chile.


Bebê de Soares has a degree in Classical Dance and in Architecture and Urbanism. He speaks fluently Portuguese, English, French, German and Spanish. She is married and has 2 talented children, Eugenia and Vincent.


From February 2019 on, she lives in Cologne, Germany.

eugênia labuhn


EUGÊNIA LABUHN studied classical ballet in Brazil at Studio D1, in Germany at the
Ballet School International Bonn and in Düsseldorf at the Ballet School of the Oper am
Rhein. In Chile, she continued her training as a classical dancer at the Ballet School of the Teatro Municipal de Santiago. From 2017 to 2020, she trained as a state-certified stage dancer at the Contemporary Dance School Hamburg. Currently she is studying BA Dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen.


Since 2021 she has been the Associate Director and Choreographer for Teatro 4Garoupas and has actively participated in projects such as Was Die Berge Wissen, Kapilar! Residencies, motherEarth International / THE FEELING OF WHAT HAPPENS, ...and her children, CHIFFONNADE.