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GOMPA Project is a collective of artists created in 2014 by the director Camila Bauer in Porto Alegre. The group develops dramaturgical and scenic language experimentation and researches possible crossings between theater, dance, music and visual arts, emphasizing in the fusion of different forms of art as narrative outsets. The projects are created in collaboration with artists of all sorts of strains and from different companies, resulting in a hybrid language that attends a broad spectre of ages - since children until adults.In 2017 the collective received the International Ibsen Award and developed the work Enemies in a Dolls’ House, which premiered in 2018. In 2017 they developed the play The Little

Red Riding Hood, based on the text by Joël Pommerat, performing it in major national festivals. The latter play received the prizes for best performance, best soundtrack, best lead actor, best supporting actor and best costume, besides other 15 nominations in the regional theater prizes Açorianos and Tibicuera, offered by the Porto Alegre City Hall. At the collective’s premiére, with the performance GPS Gaza (2014), they were nominated for five categories of the same prize. The child’s play The Adventures of the Little Prince, also from that year, performed in more than 150 cities around Brazil and received three Tibicueras, for best supporting actor, best production and best lightning.

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FRANKINH@ - Uma história em pedacinhos

Age Range: 8+

Running Time: 45min

Audience Size: 600


The award-winning collective GOMPA Project presents FRANKINH@ - A story in pieces, winner of the SESC Performing Arts Award. This is a play for children and teenagers inspired by the characters and situations of the work Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. This story, which is already a classic among different generations, works here as a starting point to talk about childhood, growth, loss, isolation, bullying, friendship, creativity, and acceptance of oneself and of others.

Victor Frankenstein is a strange and lonely young man who, almost by accident, ends up creating someone to keep him company, defying the limits of science and of his own age. However, the Creature doesn't turn out exactly as he wants it to; after all, almost nothing turns out the way we want it to.

Victor needs to understand that Frankinh@ has his own desires and is quite different from what he imagined, but that this was not a bad thing, on the contrary, it was a beautiful and fun thing. Thus, the two live great adventures together and begin to transform themselves and accept their differences.

The story is told through narration, theater, dance, visual arts, and original soundtrack, reinventing the first literary work of science fiction. The play puts art in dialogue with science, biology, literature, and physics, awakening the child's imagination and creative capacity.



Age Range:

Running Time: 40 minutes

Audience Size:


GOMPA Project premiered AMAZÔNIA - A LOOK AT THE FOREST in March 2022. A show for children and adults that mixes dance, theater, music and visual arts, to tell the story of animals that lose their natural environments due to the destruction of nature. The play proposes a reflection on the consequences of deforestation through lights, sounds, movements, enchantments, puppets, and objects that constantly transform themselves, showing the saga of the heroic animals.

Little Red Riding Hood

Age Range: 8+

Running Time: 50 minutes

Audience Size: up to 60




The performance proposes the encounter of the child to the risk of facing the unknown, dealing with topics such as fear, the fascination of the passage from the childish universe to the adult one, the solitude and family relations. There are on stage three generations of women: the daughter, the mother and the grandmother. Theater is a safe place in which these experiences can occur, once the children are protected by the fictional and playful terrain that the theater engineers.

The Little Red Riding Hood is a play written by the French playwright Joël Pommerat and it’s performed for the first time in Brazil by the GOMPA Project. The performance has toured inside Brazil, making part in the main theater festivals and events for the youth.