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Jayne Batzofin completed her Honours degree at WITS University, majoring in directing and stage/costume design. Continuing her studies, Jayne attended the theatre school L'ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She then returned to South Africa to find herself in Cape Town working with the prestigious Visual theatre company, FTH:K. From here Jayne acquired a strong working knowledge in developing integrated theatre and education; as well as a passion for working with younger Deaf children. From FTH:K, Jayne went on to become a regular Artistic Director for Clowns without Borders South Africa. There she discovered an interest for working in the social upliftment sector of the Arts.

As a Director, Jayne is best known for her "Batzofin Bite" as seen in her adult theatre productions Kardiavale and PruTTeL (which won a KANNA for Best Debut Production at the KKNK 2013). In 2014 she was selected into the Assitej "Inspiring a Generation"exchange programme, and traveled to Denmark to develop her training and knowledge in making theatre for children. Truly left inspired, Jayne continues to explore and engage in quality theatre for children, with a particular focus on inclusivity. Her work for children and youth has been showcased at the April Festival (Denmark) and at the TYA Inclusive Arts Festival (Japan).

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Measure Up

Age Range: 4 - 10 years

Duration: 40 minutes

Audience Size:

Language: South African Sign Language (English audio track available)

‘Measure UP’ is a visual and a danced based movement exploration into the theme of what makes us unique. When we measure ourselves we will start to notice small differences. Differences that can be experienced positively or negatively in the way we feel, express ourselves, dance, smile. But somethings are impossible to measure: love, compassion and friendship.

How do we measure up to expectations placed on us, how do we measure up next to our friends and most importantly how do we measure up to ourselves?


Produced by FTH:K and funded by the National Lotteries Commission (NLC)

No Fun Ction All Anguage

Age Range: 16+

Audience Size: up to 600

Duration: 50 min

Language: English and South African Sign Language

Searching the in-between spaces where words fail us.

Do we need to know the same language and live through similar experiences to communicate with each other?


Dealing with communications between able and disabled bodied people, confessions, the language of texting, and the language of expressions, "No Fun Ction All Anguage" takes a close look at the in-between spaces where words fail us – where we desperately search for meaning – between vowels, consonants and silences.

“No fun ction alL anguage” takes a microscopic look at the in-between spaces where words fail us - where we desperately search for meaning between vowels, consonants and silences. How do we say what we mean or express what we feel? What happens if we don’t have the right words or any words to share our thoughts? Through fragmented narratives, movement and live looping; the unstable constructions of modern-day interactions are explored. Allowing for the audience to ask... do words really help us communicate?


Prooduced by The Chaeli Campaign