theater patrasket

the company

Teater Patrasket is a travelling theatre.

We tour all over Denmark and a great deal abroad.

Our performances are in Danish, English – or entirely without words.

Teater Patrasket has existed since 1985 as a theatre driven by its actors.

Our background is in the work of physical theatre and mime following Jacques le Coq’s principles at the Comedia School in Copenhagen 1983-86.

We make theatre for children, but first and foremost for human beings.

The children are our primary audience and for us a pledge – or even alibi – to create theatre that is simple in its form and universally human in its content. A theatre that may also be enjoyed by adults.


The starting points for our performances are many: a theme that affects us, a significant story – or a particular form or genre, we wish to investigate…

But certain features are always present:

Playfulness is a central element – and expressed in the way we relate to fellow players, the audience, props etc. Thus, our performances also relate to children’s own play.

We seek a physical and visual expression.

And we strongly believe in the relieving and humanizing effects of humour. Comedy as a surplus that gives us strength and distance to overcome the different adversities of life.

Besides working with our own productions, we also teach and direct plays in which the children are the actors.

We regard this as an important part of our activity which continuously keeps us in touch with our audience.

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Language: Danish, English – or entirely without words

Age group: 8 to 12 years, as family show from 6 years

Duration: 60 min

Audience Size: 100

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

What is it to be a human being?

What is the difference between right and wrong?

What is the meaning of love?


A new version of Carlo Collodis classic story – for 8 to 12 year olds: About a puppet who has to learn to become human and his dangerous journey in a world full of odd characters, wondrous events, temptations and deceptions.

A wild, visual and musical show, directed by Alex Byrne, with magical puppetry, ensemble play and grim humor.

“.. Alex Byrne's energetic staging almost makes you dizzy...a shuddering, poetic journey with only a father’s unconditional love as compass …beautiful - and indeed that which we would all hope to meet in the magic workshop where love is formed.”