CIA. Arthur Arnaldo


Founded in 1996 Cia. Arthur-Arnaldo has always focused on contemporary themes influenced by social and political transformations. In 2017 the artistic directors Soledad Yunge and Tuna Serzedello started a project for young audiences working with and for teenagers and young adults. The aim was to bring themes and languages that interest and give voice to that age. The company has been creating and producing plays and educational projects non stop since then. The company is formed by the 2 directors and 4 younger actors and also works in partnership with different artists by project. During the last 14 years of interruptive activity they have produced plays by relevant playwrights such as Enda Walsh, Mark Ravenhhill, Tiago Rodrigues, Dennis Kelly, Patricia Portella and Marius von Mayenburg, to name a few.

Besides working with contemporary playwriting the company also works with devising theatre . Recently the company had the experience of an international collaboration with a German theatre company in the two countries resulting in many artistic and cultural exchanges. The last production of the company is for younger audiences and families and is an devised piece from the classical tale Hansel & Gretel( The Journey of Gretel and her brother Hansel). It was adapted for the screen in 2020. Cia. Arthur-Arnaldo has received the most important public fundings of the city and state of São Paulo during the last 15 years as well as recognition through awards for theatre for youth.



The Journey Of Gretel And Her Brother Hansel

Age: 5+

Duration: 55min

Audience Size: 300

In times of war and hunger Hansel and Gretel face the fear of being abandoned, the dark forest and the horrible plans of a witch. They face it all with courage, cleverness and holding hands in a journey that will take them back home.


The play The Journey of Gretel and her brother Hansel was devised and produced by Cia. Arthur- Arnaldo in 2019 as one of the projects chosen by Cultura Inglesa Festival to receive funding. It opened in the end of 2019 for a short run and received the APCA (Critics Award) award for best production for children in the category of adaptation of classical tales.

In 2020 the production was ready to start touring in several parts of the city of São Paulo bringing the play and educational activities to children from public schools in areas of vulnerability.


Due to Covid-19 the decision was to adapt the play to an audio visual format and the director conceived a way of filming it on stage and outdoors in a forest. The result is a 53 minute piece that has been receiving positive feedback from children and their families. It has also received good reviews from the media that has been looking at the new ways of performing and sharing performances virtually.