Teatro 4Garoupas, GER / Carré Blanc CIE., FRA / Dançando Por  Um Futuro, BRA


Age: 2+ years

Duration: 45min

Audience Size: up to 200

Chiffonnade is a choreography whose basic material is fabric, the fabric that can be touched, crumpled, felt, folded or torn. The material in which we dress or disguise ourselves and which determines our appearance. Our image in the gaze of the other. The folds, creases, ripples of fabrics and cloths, the softness of costumes that you want to snuggle into. But Chiffonnade is also about emancipation, about the pupation of a child who grows ceaselessly to become an adult. On stage, a shell and planet-like sphere houses a figure and a multitude of figures. They are both dance partners and building material, guiding the expressive dance. To grow means to build up, to break open and to wander into the distance. New worlds emerge from scraps of fabric.

Choreography : Michèle Dhallu

Light creation : Yves-Marie Corfa

Sound creation : Baptiste Verger

Scenography: Coline Vergez, based on an original idea by Anne Rabaron

Original Production : Carré Blanc Cie


// in Germany

Local Producer: Teatro 4Garoupas, Bebê de Soares

Dancer: Eugênia Labuhn

Supported by InTakt - Das Tanzstudio


// in Brazil

Local Producer: Dançando Por Um Futuro, Virginia Pilati

Dancer: Lilian Cristina de Oliveira

Supported by Studio D1


Teatro 4Garoupas - German Production


Mostra Espetacular (Curitiba, BR)

Paideia (São Paulo, BR)

2023 Shanghai International Childrens Festival (organized by the Children’s Art Theatre of China Welfare Institute)

"I just saw this show and I wish I could see it again!"

-Boy in Shanghai Audience


Bebê de Soares
+49 1772985922