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Age Range: 3 to 10

Duration: 43 minutes

Audience Size: 100 to 500



Two pandas meet. They take a liking to each other, but don’t have the courage to express their feelings. So they go to a school of hugs. A hug is a simple gesture with a profound power to communicate. We are born from a hug. We hug when we are upset, when we meet someone again after a long time, or to express uncontainable joy.

Children naturally seek out and give hugs,but hugs must be learned anew with each meeting.

Teatro Telaio’s Hugs is a wordless exploration of emotions, and how difficult it can be sometimes to express them.


Age: 3+

Duration: 45min

Audience Size:

Two birds move in sincronia, they know each other very well. Their love produces an egg. It’s perfect, beautiful, frail. It’s the most precious thing they have.

Full of happiness the two birds try to create a nest as big and comfortable as they can, to protect their egg in the best way. They need patience, talent, imagination.. yes..they can handle it.. Yes.. Nevertheless .. every time they are close to the finish line, something goes wrong! Only after several comic defeats which test their certainties and their harmony, our two heroes realize how important it is to eliminate superfluous things and to search for the essential ones.

A Story Of A Child And A Penguin

Age: 4-10


Audience Size:

There is a child who one day finds a penguin in front of the front door. A penguin that looks very, very sad indeed. Probably he is lost, and the child tries to understand where he comes from, what he wants: “why is this penguin sad”? The child decides to find a way to bring him home, builds a boat and undertakes the long journey with him to the South Pole, because, as everyone knows, penguins live in the South Pole. But if it were not to go home his first wish?