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The diversity of knowledge of its actors (theater, dance, theater of puppets and masks, circus and visual arts) defined the companies line of working: developing a language that could integrate dramatically each of these areas, building a repertoire with very particular characteristics, seeking the integration of the resources of the theater of animation with those of other languages.

Non - linearity, low use of the word, the power of images, the work with puppets and actors and masks are the elements that characterize the work of the company and are present in all their assemblies. In its 33 years of existence, Pia Fraus produced 23 shows, presenting in nearly all Brazilian states and 23 different countries, participating in national and international festivals of theater.

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Bichos Do Brasil / Animals Of Brazil

Age: 2+

Duration: 50min

Audience Size: 100 - 2000

“BICHOS DO BRASIL” (Animals of Brazil) is a performance that intends to show the richness of the brazilian fauna through plastic resources. Based on puppets, music and coreography, it tries to recreate the jungle's environment without requiring a human behavior from the characters.


The performance is a rescue so that the extinction of our animals does not take place within the popular imaginary, which has so much influence as an inspiring source of popular Brazilian myths.

Bichos Vermelhos



Audience Size:

Inspired by the book of the same name by Lina Rosa, the play "Bichos Vermelhos" (Red Animals) involves with humor and poetry a very relevant subject for today's society: the preservation of nature. And why not start this dialogue with children? "Pia Fraus considers it fundamental to deal with such an important theme, especially with the little ones, in the hope of introducing, in a playful and delicate way, the attention and care for nature and the environment in our future adults", says Beto Andreetta, director of Pia Fraus.

The play "Bichos Vermelhos", directed by Adriana Telg, has the same purpose as the book, to highlight a very tragic aspect: the risk of extinction. The engaging story is dedicated to Brazilian animals that are on the red list of endangered species, or the next animals to enter it, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The Tamandua Bandeira, Codorna Buraqueira, Macaco Prego Galego are some of the animals that won versions in the form of puppets from Pia Fraus, built by Dino Sato. There will be three actors and more than 20 puppets presented during the show, with lots of fun and games, positioned for the emerging diffusion of the theme to children.