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Created in Buenos Aires, in 1987, by the brothers Claudio and Omar Alvarez, OMAR ALVAREZ TITERES PUPPETRY ARTS COMPANY has been firmly committed to the development of the art of puppetry in Argentina.

Aiming for the highest level of aesthetic standards, its shows have received the recognition of the public, other artists, and critics, having been presented with more than thirty national and international awards.

The participation in various shows of some of the most important figures of the national artistic scene, such as Alfredo Alcón and Norma Aleandro; the creation of several international co-productions; the sustained activity of its own

theatre in Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Espacios (Espacios Cultural Center) in Villa Ballester; as well as the carrying out of research and professional development activities have defined its innovative artistic profile.

Representing the Argentinean culture on stages around the world, the group has toured countries such as Canada, the United States, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Poland, Israel, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, China and Russia, among others, interpreting its work in more than eight different languages and charming audiences from the most diverse cultures.

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Tic Toc, Hero Of Time

Age Range: 4+

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience Size: up to 200




Every morning, Tic Tac, an old alarm clock, winding up its endearing collection of watches whose interior treasures and safeguards happy moments. Suddenly, you will be threatened when you receive a tempting gift from the ambitious Wifi, a very modern telephone, which behind its innocent appearance, conceals dangerous interests that will complicate its existence.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Age: 4+

Duration: 40min

Audience Size:

“The steadfast tin soldier” is not a conventional tale. It is a parable of the life in the infantile and candid world of the toys. Because of that, the protagonist, a little soldier with an only leg, has not the temper that must have a soldier; he has also a tender and romantic heart, that confers him the courage to face the difficulties of the destiny. As a good soldier he will never complains of his misfortunes and he will face the dangerous with the strength of a knight. The platonic love to a fragile and delicate dancer, will mantain the desire to go back with his love.

This version for puppets theater respects the whole textbook that imagined the author to introduce the spectator to the marvelous and singular universe that Hans Christian Andersen created. It was very important to create a care and elaborated interpretation because the importance that the textbook has in this version.

A Little Mouse And The Moon

Age: 4+

Duration: 40min

Audience Size: 100

Available in Spanish, English, Galician and Portuguese.

A little mouse falls in love to the moon and tries in many ways to arrive there (he believes that she’s a giant piece of cheese!) hoping to kiss her! Nothing is impossible!! Could he to do it?! And what if reality is not as we imagine? A “little great story” ;a “little great show”!
Solo puppeteer performance.