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Teatro al Vacio is a company that is permanently looking for new ways to devise and create theatre based on discipline and constant training. It seeks to create a kind of theater that transcends the viewer while transcending the actor, a theater that is honest and not imposed, a theater conceived by the actor and generated by his basic needs, a theater where the actor is a creator. The company is committed to a type of plastic-physical theater with minimal aesthetic, responding to new contemporary trends, in order to offer new scenic alternatives.

Since 2007 Teatro al Vacio has developed a stage work focused especially for and with kids. The creation processes seek to incorporate kids, under the premise that each work dialogues with the audience, committed to generate meaningful artistic experiences. Teatro al Vacio has taught workshops for professionals dedicated to theater and to kids of various age ranges in hospitals, schools and festivals; has been an advisor for staging processes with children and teenagers.

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Jugar / Play

Age range: 3 to 10

Duration 45 min

Audience Size: up to 600



Do we all play in the same way? Do we all have the same idea of what it is to play? Do I prefer to play alone or in company? How do we know with whom and what to play? Are there rules to play by? Do we have to agree? These and other questions appear in this play where girls and boys can take sides and come up with their own answers. Risking, experimenting, going down unknown paths, building bridges, erecting walls and making important discoveries will be the actions to seek the answers.

Since 2007 the company Teatro al Vacío has been working especially with and for children in their early years. It is a pioneer in early childhood theatre in Mexico and Latin America.


Age: 3-6


Audience Size:

CERCA/CLOSE, is a spectacle that through a dramaturgy of actions and images, reflects on space as a means to try to establish complex relationships and affective relationships, and proposes to dialogue with the audience through a contemporary language that Allow to feel feeling, to see and think thinking. This production seeks to make the audience feel identified by the performance of recognizable situations and actions that will set in motion ideas and feelings while raising questions. The play is aimed at children but also adults and all the people who take part in children’s lives, caregivers, trainers, family and parents.


Age: 0-2


Audience Size:

The assembly proposes an extraordinary experience, a convivial event, a spontaneous generation of community. The game starts with simple elements that transcend their meaning or symbol. A dramaturgy of actions and images where actors players in a reliable, safe and ready for exploration space, it invites viewers to a pleasant experience conceived subtle , soft and gentle through touch. The work happens at ground level and from the notion of causality, players involved and interact with matter, transforming the space.


Age: 3-6


Audience Size:

A PAR is a show that, through a dramaturgy of actions and images, reflects on the human relationships of power and authority. It is proposed to dialogue with the audience through a contemporary language that allows them to feel feeling, seeing themselves and thinking while thinking.

This show seeks identification with viewers from recognizable actions and situations, which set ideas and feelings in motion. A proposal aimed at children and also at adults who live together and are part of contemporary society.

Cielo y Piedra / Sky and Stone

Age: 1-4

Duration: 30min

Audience Size: Limited to 25 children accompanied by a maximum of 75 adults

In "SKY and STONE" players explore with their bodies playing to overcome gravity, actions that imply a major challenge for children in their first years of life. The project also proposes to investigate new possibilities and forms of coexistence between scene-viewer. The montage proposes an extraordinary experience, a convivial event based on a dramaturgy of actions and images where the players players in a reliable space, safe and ready for exploration, summon the spectators to a pleasant, subtle, gentle and friendly experience .


Age: 0-3

Duration: 30min

Audience Size: 25 babies (+1 or 2 parents)

The performance takes place on a circular mat of knitted fabric with eye-catching colors and textures. In the first section of the play, four actors explore progressively 4 balls of fabric, rolling, throwing, stretching and unravelling them in rhythmic sequences accompanied by music and vocalizations. Slowly, this game creates a web, in which babies and toddlers are invited to interact; this makes up the second part of the experience.
The 4 actors-players on stage are not characters in a fictional story, they provide the conditions in which to play, as well as care for the toddlers. The environment thus created, is one of calm and trust, but also of play and curiosity.

The play stimulates the babies' development by inviting them to move in order to participate, as well as promoting bonding with other audience members on stage and in their seats.
ASOMA is also an experience for the parents of the young audience, who commonly witness reactions in their kids they had not seen before. During the interactive work, the viewer opens to the presence of others, and his imagination is stimulated by the activities presented.