teatro al vacio

Jugar / Play



Do we all play in the same way? Do we all have the same idea of what it is to play? Do I prefer to play alone or in company? How do we know with whom and what to play? Are there rules to play by? Do we have to agree? These and other questions appear in this play where girls and boys can take sides and come up with their own answers. Risking, experimenting, going down unknown paths, building bridges, erecting walls and making important discoveries will be the actions to seek the answers.

Since 2007 the company Teatro al Vacío has been working especially with and for children in their early years. It is a pioneer in early childhood theatre in Mexico and Latin America.


Age range: 3 to 10

Duration 45 min

Audience Size: up to 600

JUGAR/PLAY_teaser: https://vimeo.com/467652708

 Artist Website: https://www.teatroalvacio.com