Anke Retzlaff is an actress, musician and director. After studying music (singing, violin, piano) at the Hannover University Music, she studied acting at the Rostock University of Music and Theatre.

In addition to various theatre and film engagements, she works as a musician and as a theatre director.

Her work is characterised by a high degree of interdisciplinarity.





Duration: 75min

Audience Size:

A unique mixture of theater, performance and concert, which makes the world of dreams fully conscious and

full consciousness and can be experienced together. Starting from Matin Soofipour Omams monologue

about an impossible farewell, an actress and three musicians embark on a frenzied trip through the unconscious.

trip through the unconscious, in which the dreams of the audience and people from all over the world are

from all over the world. These are collected before the performance in a telephone booth, the Dream Machine, as

and taken up in the show.



Duration: 75min

Audience Size:


A wheel, some grains and water. Is this all that the thoughts of a clown hamster thinks about when he runs around in his cage? Or is he really dreaming of his escape, of life beyond the bars and unknown adventures? What would we read in his diary? In a musical play, Anke Retzlaff and the multi-instrumentalist Peter Florian Berndt give voice and body to a little hamster.
voice and body to a little hamster. Together they search for ways out of loneliness, find allies, start a hunger strike, fall in love and quarrel and try to escape each other in a very confined space. In the process, the questions, which the small being asks itself, could not be more existential and larger.

What is worthfighting for? What does freedom mean and where can we find it? And what happens when the hamster wheel suddenly stops and everything seems possible? Is the world ready for such changes? In the search for answers, the stories of people from the city will also be included.

Accompanying the production, a telephone booth will be set up on the festival grounds, where passers-by can where passers-by can leave personal stories, thoughts and feelings on the subject of freedom. In this way, the voices of the visitors will become part of the staging. What is worth fighting for - Records of a Hamster is a poetic and enjoyable and touching production, which reverses the usual perspectives inverted. Anke Retzlaff and Peter Florian Berndt take on the life of a hamster. They swap big for small, a hamster wheel for freedom, chansons for protest songs, and a records of a single person for the memories of an entire city.