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Theatre Madam Bach is partner in the big EU project "Small Size- Big Citizens"/ Creative Europe and is a Danish theatre company that has, for many years worked in children’s theatre, catering to a younger audience, focusing on the moment and communicating with the audience through an exploration of the senses through sound, music, words and movement. We are based in a former hospital which has been empty for 10 years but now host 350 employees working with business, health and culture. Our shows and art projects are invited to 42 countries, in july 2016 we turned a milestone in China with the first 100 shows and we made a 25 min. documentary film with Tomas Villum. Theatre Madam Bach are member in the global network of "SMALL SIZE" and partner with 16 european

theaters in a 4 year European Cultural network which will end up in a big final event in Galway, Ireland in february 2018. More info later. All of our productions are a collaboration between local and international artists active in children’s theatre. This collaboration not only keeps our theatre fresh here in Denmark but gives us an appreciation for the younger audiences beyond our borders. Our goal is to make high quality childrens theater that gives children a sense of how to use simple tools to create a magical space. Over the years, Madam Bach has taken their productions world-wide. In the recent past, apart from our Danish shows, we have brought our productions to Japan, Greenland, Canada, USA, Norway, France, Ireland, Italy, Brazil and the World Expo in China.

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Age: 2- 6 years

Duration: 45 min

Audience Size: 50




 YOU ARE HERE is a journey through rich imagery, small and big soundscapes and short stories about finding your way; about the forests of signposts in the big city, about the stars at night showing the way across the ocean, and about traveling around the world on your bike – just because you can. Because, when you go out into the world, it gets bigger.



Duration: 30min

Audience Size: 60

Can something come from nothing?

GROW is a visual and interactive theatre experience that celebrates the wondering and noticing of everything around us that grows and changes. Through rich imagery, short stories and captivating soundscapes we embark on a journey into growing up, growing old, growing out of our shoes; stretching out, reaching in, going back to the roots.


Age: 2-7

Duration: 30min

Audience Size: 60

Wind is a performance of the senses, a trip with the wind where each blow opens a door to the big questions in life.

A sensory and visual trip between the warm breeze in summer and the violent storm.

World Images

Age: 2-7


Audience Size: 60

'World Images' is theatre for children that will take audiences a journey of discovery. From the rhythms of the city where underground trains make rails sing, to white salt desserts that dry everything up. From ants that march as the the rain drops drip, to northern lights dancing in the sky. 

Through a melding of installation, sound scapes, live music, projection, and performance, 'World Images' creates for children a rich world of atmospheres and landscapes, sharing momentary glimpses of places that exist on this incredible planet we call home.