teater batida

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A vibrant and colorful ensemble of musical actors.

From the very outset, The Batida Theatre Company has hung on to its principle of integrating live music and movement in its shows on equal footing with text and design. All music is performed live, it is visible, and often staged and used in much the same way as choreography is in dance: as a form of expression in its own right.

Batida has developed its very own unique interacting theatrical style, and has over time created a wide range of shows, addressing all age groups – adults included. The shows are performed at Batida’s own theatre – a converted factory building in Copenhagen – as well as on tour in Denmark or anywhere in the world where they may find an audience. Batida has toured in 46 different countries.

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Age Range: 3 to 8

Running Time: 40 minutes

Audience Size: 300 to 500



The two long ones cook spaghetti like nothing else. Their neighbor, who does not reach to any great height, but is a short, rotund, red-head, would like to join in the feast...

Spaghetti is a charming, heart-warming story about irreconcilable opposites, which manage to come together despite their differences.

Solo For Two

Age: 5+

Duration: 45min

Audience Size: 200

The conductor is waiting impatiently. But the members of The Sweet Seven Magic Orchestra calls one after the other to say they can’t make it to the concert. Initially despairing, he decides to make the most of a hopeless situation: He will instead play his secretly composed Solo Trumpet Concerto which undoubtedly will make his fame.

Just as he is about to begin, one final band member shows up; the most untalented and hopeless musician who thinks of nothing but football. This can only end in disaster …and it does!

The Smallest Story In The World

Age: 1 ½ – 4 years

Duration: 35min

Audience Size:

– is written in a book so tiny that only very small people can understand it.


A tuneful meeting between an ordinary girl and a strange penguin who can whistle standing upside-down. Penguin eats five fish for breakfast and speaks Penguish fluently. And by the way, he’s made his home in a wellington boot… well, you have to live somewhere, don’t you?

Will the two of them get on?


On stage is a harmonica, a trumpet, all sorts of string instruments, two charming actor-musicians, as well as the teeny-weenie-littlest book which the small members of the audience get to take home afterwards so they may show the story to someone they know.