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Rosa Primo is dancer and teacher of the Dance Course of the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). Has a doctorate and master's degree in Sociology from UFC. He danced with Hugo Bianchi, Monica Luiza, Lina Penteado and Célia Gouveia. He went through the actor training course at Teatro Tuca (SP). She was a dance critic of the newspaper O Povo/CE, dance coordinator of the Secretariat of Culture of Fortaleza and author of the book “The possible dance: the links of the body in a scene”. In the last years it has been developing a research in solo works.

Debuted in 2015 “Enchants my garden” with artistic direction by Andreia Pires - CE, the show was awarded the Funarte Klauss Vianna 2016 Award and circulated in various cities of the country. In 2018, premiered "Iracema" for children of all ages and "Everything goes on earth" for adults, both directed by Clarice Lima SP/CE, the works were developed at the Dance Laboratory of Porto Iracema School of Arts and contemplated in the I Edict Culture Childhood of Ceará.

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Age: 5+

Duration: 30min

Audience Size:

Iracema is a dance piece for children that starts from the female character of the born in Ceará Brazilian novelist José de Alencar to deconstruct the myth of the virgin of the honey lips, problematizing issues that pervade the figure of the woman, as well as the sense of her presence as part of the native people from Brazil in the past and present. To revisit José de Alencar's work today is to problematize his narrative, raising questions concerning the genocide of the native people, feminicide, sexism, racism and other issues present in his work.


In this dance we look at Iracema provocatively, reversing codes and using the clichés of Ceará's culture in an ironic and critical way to imagine with the children other stories of Iracema that can be danced.