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Choreographer, dancer and decor designer Andreas Denk makes professional dance theatre for children and for adults. Stories about people and special places inspire him to make performances which are immediately recognisable because he reveals to us the absurdity of the situations in which contemporary human beings get involved in.


Objects and the situation in which he sets his players are of crucial importance. Plan d- offers a space, literally and figuratively, in which everyone is free to tell his own personal story. In this way Denk introduces the audience to existential spaces and lets the audience explore the places in our world which they would not normally encounter. Denk hopes as a result that we will look at the world around us in a different way. And that he can help us put the difficult aspects of contemporary life into perspective. Andreas Denk approaches the tragic in his characters always with (absurd) humour. This is how the audience is entertained and gets emotionally involved. Plan d- makes appealing dance theatre for a wide audience: children and adults.

Plan-d cooperates with several theatres and production houses in Europe and beyond. Denk has made choreographies for Schauburg München, Staattheater Mainz and Staattheater Braunschweig.

Plan-d wants to contribute to a more sustainable world and to this end has committed itself in 2016 to be CO2 neutral for all its productions within four years.


Extra activities:

Plan d- offers a number of extra activities made to measure, to enrich the senses . A theatre can book an extra Do-activity when booking a performance. These educational, exciting and interactive public activities are linked to the theme of the production. Plan d- is committed to working to the needs of the audience. The extra activity can be booked independently or in combination with the performance. More information can be had from Frontaal or plan d-

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Age: 4+


Audience Size:


An ode to nature: resilient, constant and durable!


An exciting interactive expedition through the world of trees. Dance, acrobatics, live music and unexpected meetings take you with us on a walk full of fantasy and humour.


Who wouldn’t want to climb in trees and take in the best view at a live birdsong concert? To build a tree hut where you can keep your deepest secrets? Fill your stomach with plucked fruit or have a romantic meeting in the light of the full moon.
Tree! Is the new interactive dance production by plan d- for the whole family (4+) about connecting and solidarity, about respect and being resilient when things go wrong.



A walk dancing through (city)nature which enables you to experience how trees see the world.

Wood wide web
In Tree! Three dancers and a musician plus a number of amateur dancers accompany the public between the trees. They tell stories and take us into the extraordinary world of trees: trees which communicate with each other through their roots and underground in a network of moulds, their “’wood wide web’. Trees which are safe havens for insects and birds. Trees that stand up to all sorts of storms. Trees that give us air.
Tree! Is a logical sequel to Friends in the countryside; a performance which brings the audience, in a playful and approachable way, in touch with durability and being aware of nature around us.

During the performance the audience is encouraged to participate. There is a possibility for local amateur groups, special schools, a local dance group or a dance academy to participate.
There is a wide ranging education package with several extra activities to participate in which children can connect with not only the form but also the content of the performance. Plan d- also adapts this performance for pupils in special schools.


Daydark / Dagdonker

Age: 4+

Duration: 55 minutes

Audience Size:

plan d- has been selected for IPAY 2018 and 2019 OFFICIAL SPOTLIGHT SELECTION with SEA HEROES and OW!


Dancing where sparks fly for everybody 4 years and older.


Everyone is scared of the dark sometimes. The uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen and what you are unable to see. Everyone loves the light! Warmth and safety.

Tree dancers play with the idea of a world of light and darkness. Discover how beautifully the stars twinkle in the night sky or the beauty of the sun which suddenly brings us warmth.

Isn’t it magical how beautiful it is to make fire or a dance which makes sparks fly. It is fantastic that a light bulb can go on and off and what of a reassuring torch at night. And if the light goes out is there nothing more? Is darkness always scary? Is light always safe? What do we actually see when we see nothing?

In a magical theatre performance full of fiery poetic dance Daydark takes you on a journey of discovery through darkness with magical moments of light, in a fantasy journey of dreams through life.

Friends in the Library

Age: 5+


Audience Size:

An ode to the world of books and the power of imagination.


The two neighbors/friends are sitting together in the library. One is immersed in a computer game, the other is watching films on his ipad. Surrounded by towering bookcases the two friends are lost in their own digital world. But then all of sudden the computers crash. What now? They go looking for electricity. And then all of a sudden they see they are surrounded by hundreds of books. They are curious, what’s in all these books. And how can they get to the top shelf? It’s time for exciting discoveries in the library!

The neighbors climb up the bookcases, slide down again and manage just in time to stop the bookcases from falling over. They open several books, get lost in fantasy worlds and bring wonderful pictures to life. They read, the look, they listen and dance between the books. In no time the library turns into a place of chaos and fun!

Friends in the library is the sequel to the successful production of Friends on holiday and Friends in the winter. In this performance in music and dance the friends celebrate the book, stories and the power of imagination. Of course there is a lot that goes wrong in their world but the friends know how to solve all the problems in their own wonderful inimitable way.

Friends In Winter

Age: 5+


Audience Size:

It is getting colder and colder. The friends are getting ready for winter. They chop wood for the fireplace, bake cookies, knit a warm hat and bring a Christmas tree home. And what a beauty this is! But how are they going to get it through the door?

They put their heads together and work out how to get the job done.


Suddenly they get a bright idea! If the tree does not fit through a door, they should change the door of course. No flaw in it! They go to work saw the shape of the tree from the door. And then … the tree exactly fits through the door, hurray! The pine tree is finally inside and the crazy boys can go decorate him.


But how come it is suddenly so very cold in the room? A horrible draft, the crazy boys are almost blown away by the wind which is coming into the house. An icy snowstorm enters the room and in no time they sit firmly in meters of snow. ” What the hell ….? ” Like polar bears they clamber out of their burrows and grab the skis on the walls. Hoppa! And they descend but ……

Sea Heroes

Age: 6+


Audience Size:

Sea Heroes is an exciting dance performance about the magical power of the sea.


In this performance the dancers immerse themselves in the magic of life on and in the sea. The sea that always appeals to the imagination and is full of exciting stories.

On an immense ship, our heroes sail across the oceans. They hoist the sails, tie the ropes and scrub the deck. In the meantime, they are thrown back and forth on the ship that traverses the ferocious waves. With their strong hands, they grab each other and try with all their power to stay upright. That does not always work well. Boom. The sea heroes fall over and roll over and over each other. As loyal comrades they always help each other up.


And in the evening when the wind has settled down, they tell cool stories. About the brave pirate who found his ship again. And about the mermaid who enchanted everyone with her beautiful voice. The sailors laugh together, they sing sea songs and they dance a beautiful underwater roller. Then the sea rocks them to sleep and at night they dream about the new day to come and all the adventures that await them.


Sea Heroes is a stirring performance for young and old in which dance, acrobatics, live music and singing come together beautifully. This cheerful and touching ode to the sea is also an ode to the imagination. Because what is more beautiful than losing yourself in your own self-made story?



Age: 4+


Audience Size:

OW! is a show about pain – about having pain and about causing pain. About a scraped knee

and a bump on the head that makes you cry. About a broken heart lying in a thousand

pieces on the ground. About a tear that rolls down your cheek because the school bully has

teased you yet again.


OW! shows that life isn’t always as sweet as roses, but can be very painful as well. And how terrible is the pain when you fall off your bike, or topple from the jungle gym, or you see your best friend walking hand in hand with another! What do you do with this pain, and how do you find comfort and a helping hand to get you back up on your feet again?

Friends On Vacation

Age: 4+


Audience Size:

Dance and slapstick in an acrobatic dance performance


But what is rumbling under the hood of the car? And where is the smoke coming from? Luckily, the friends are not easily defeated. Problems are there to be solved. They roll up their sleeves, clean their tools, and submit the car to an unforgettable tinkering match. Slowly, the beetle is changed into a fairy-tale-like swinging carousel.

Friends on vacation is a sequel to the successful dance duet, ‘Que Pasa?’. This sparkling dance performance shows that problems don’t have to be bothersome, but rather on the contrary. And that actually all of the solutions are fine, as long as you have fun. And no matter what the outcome is, it’s always enjoyable to solve the problems together!

Friends In The Country

Age: 5+


Audience Size:

A fun and moving dance performance about the power and beauty of nature.


The friends go into nature. No mini-garden but a real wilderness! They put on their dungarees, get their garden tools ready and off they go. They sow, they harvest, they dig and they rake the ground as fast as they can. Together they create a world of beautiful plants. Flowers to smell, plants to look at, vegetables to make your mouth water. And of course a tree for climbing and to swing from!

The friends are completely self sufficient. They don’t just grow their own food they recycle everything they can get their hands on.

Of course everything goes wrong. You can’t control nature can you? There is a hail shower, mould, fungus and a burst pipe recycled into a wonderful tool that suddenly collapses. But together the friends are strong and fortunately they always find a solution.


Age: 6+


Audience Size:

co-production plan d- and De Dansers

An ode to individuality


Fortunately not everyone is normal. Fortunately there are strange and unusual people. And fortunately something completely unexpected can happen.

A girl falls through a chute straight into a peculiar world. Here are things which normal people do not need anymore. Old plastic, discarded furniture, rusty devices. And also a few maladjusted people. Dive with us into a surrealistic world, full of fun morning rituals, impossible dance duets, waltzing rubbish bags and sad songs.


RUST is a performance about the beauty of the abnormal. The three artistic directors from De Dansers and plan d- join forces in this production. They are dancers, singers, acrobats and inventors. A performance to amaze you, to make you laugh and to inspire you to be not normal for once.

The Friends' Kitchen Parade

Age: 0-99


Audience Size:

A tasty dance performance


Where are you allowed to slurp at table? What do forgotten vegetables taste like? Is pitaya really dangerous and what does ‘the way to a (wo)man’s heart is through the stomach’ mean?


In the Friends’ Kitchen parade plan d- visits the kitchen of the neighbours to discover their food habits. The whole stage is a melting pot of smells, colours and tastes. In this big cosmopolitan kitchen we tell stories about kosher and halal, Belgian fries, couscous versus meatball. Cooking brings people together and cake and pie is food for the soul.

Two dancers discover the ultimate in tasty recipes from all over the world. In a tasty journey through the cosmopolitan kitchen they find a wide range of dishes and traditions which tell us about the inhabitants and the country they grew up in.


In this kitchen we celebrate world kitchen peace by eating together and by learning from each other’s traditions and peculiarities.


For all ages and for everybody who likes food…