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Melodias En El Aire / Melodies In The Air


Duration: 60min

Audience Size:

Premiered in July 2015, it is the third work of the company, which completes the trilogy of the elements. Here the air will be the principle of creation and the driving force of a journey through the world. Three children while playing in the square listen to messages and melodies that come in the air, thanks to this they decide to embark on a journey around the world through the air. They pass through different countries which we will be able to recognize thanks to the music we will hear. The trip takes them to the stars to then descend to the square where they played a little cueca.

It is a journey of dreams, of transit, change and freedom, where they sing and play without questioning where they walk, where there are no borders and where both music and imagination unite us. They just enjoy the freedom of being carried away by the wind and being able to touch the stars. Although all the plays have a strong musical component, this is the strongest feature of Melodías, since they are the ones that will show us the route we have traced. The costumes of the actors are quite everyday and allow the children to recognize in them their parents and at the same time the adult to empathize with their own ability to play. Once again we all become children again. The scenic elements resemble a square, so that in the final moment, when the children enter the stage to play, they also strengthen their motor skills, muscles and self-esteem through creative play.

Danzas Aladas



Audience Size:

It is an encounter with the world of birds through games and dances. At the end of the play the audience is invited to play.