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Achadouros / Finders

Age: 6 months - 3 years

Duration: 30min

Audience Size: 100

The human being and its arrival into this world. Vestiges of degradation or raw material for creation? A universe to be unveiled. The perception of oneself, of the other, of diverse life forms. The imaginative power that leads to transformation and to the reorganization of reality.

Two characters invite the audience to venture with them into their imaginary backyard. Through a poetic-theatrical staging, the play transports the spectator to an archeology of childhood memories and shows each spectator the possibility of writing their own story.

Achadouros (title of a Manoel de Barros piece) is a poem about believing in the creative capacity of human beings and in the range narrative power of nature. Achadouros means a place where something is found.