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Ave Lola Espaço de Criação is a place where restless artists dream and work together for a poetic and human artistic making inserted in its historical time.

Ave Lola's multidisciplinary team is formed by professionals in the fields of theater, audiovisual and music who maintain a loving relationship with art. It is a group of people who seek to preserve the notion of collectivity through teamwork.

Ave Lola brings together people committed to a poetic dialogue with the civil society, believing that beauty is a human right. In this sense, it has developed a competent work in the areas of theater, formation in arts and audiovisual, conquering each day more public recognition.

In its headquarters, Ave Lola has a theater room where it holds seasons of its theatrical productions, exhibitions and workshops, besides receiving companies from Brazil and the world that dialogue with its language.

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Age: 13+

Duration: 80min

Audience Size:

The characters who lived during the Khmer Rouge, in the 70's, come back and revisit their memories and impressions, living scenes in which poetry still resists in moments of extreme pain. NUON is a show that talks about the war in Cambodia and yet speaks of all wars. All wars are the same because they push people to the loss of values and symbolic structures that structure us as individuals, as civilized beings and as a society.

Although the subject addressed in the work may suggest an epic form, the staging of NUON opts for an intimate path and builds scenes that evidence the pain people experience at a time when they are aware of their impotence in the face of the

chaos generated by political and social events they have no influence. The loss of affection, education, civility, human solidarity and especially the interruption of its capacity to generate poetry and symbolic value. Everything which constitutes our idea of humanity is suspended and succumbs to barbarism.


NUON addresses current issues. The characters find themselves in a situation where they have to choose between living in pain and the brutal deconstruction of their references or die in an attempt to rescue, yet, for a last instant, their humanity.

Reflection on war, refugees, immigration borders and loss of human values seems to be current historical context. Through the aesthetic beauty that the Orient inspires, all these themes are in NUON.

The work chooses silence, beauty and poetry to speak of the pain caused by atrocities and the loss of everything. Following an oriental proverb: "Against pain, there is only beauty".

Manaós - uma saga de luz e sombra



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The theater show "The Little Bee and the Tall Tree" continues the Ave Lola Troupe's poetic research, bringing to the stage a fantastic universe. The story takes place in the golden age of the rubber cycle, in Manaus in 1911. Three women from different peoples, brought together by fate, meet and are challenged to face the fears and threats of a harsh reality. The work had as triggers the short story "Little Bee, Sister of the Tall Tree", by the Acre writer Jamilssa Melo, and the work of renowned filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki.

O Malefício da Mariposa



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"The comedy we are going to present is humble and disquieting, a rota comedy, of those who want to scratch the moon and scratch their own hearts."

Thus begins an adventure through the meanderings of this delicate and immense feeling, a great theme in universal literature: love. In The Curse of the Moth, Federico García Lorca uses a fable to portray Curianito's mad passion for a mysterious moth with the originality and depth of few others. Amid the poetic atmosphere of a strange garden, tiny creatures of nature love and suffer in much the same way as we humans do.

To bring this poetic text to the stage required intense and daily immersion work. Thus, we delved into the universe of the work and the imagination of these beings from the garden, and found ourselves between the language of the theater of animated forms and the work with flesh and blood actors.
An impossible love is a problem for any heart, be it of a poet or of an insect, or why not, of an insect poet? After all, as the author says, "love is born with the same intensity on all planes of life, and the same rhythm as the air-born breeze has the morning star, all is equal in nature."