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IELTXU ORTUETA [Bilbao 1977] Gorka and Lua´s father and also an actor, performer, specialized art historian and graphic designer. Likes to be seen like a Basque in the world and lives and works in Brazil since 2003. Created ARTEFACTOS BASCOS in 2012, a multidisciplinary platform to develop scenic, graphic and performance projects. FLOU! Premiered in the MIRADA Festival [Iberoamerican Biennale of Performing Arts] that took place at the Santos Sesc in 2016.

Today Ieltxu is responsible for the production and development of CHÃO [Laboratory of Performance Experiences for Countryside Children], awarded with ProAc São Paulo’s state art research prize, in Cunha (SP) the small town where he lives. He investigates propositions with children in a game of experimentation of artistic procedures and creative action willing to explore and potentiate each child’s unique and collective creation, symbolic and always singular.

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Playgrounds Everywhere is a project of theoretical and practical exploration of play equipment (ephemeral, portable and transformable playgrounds) to be created and played in buildings (part 1) and in schools, theaters, but also parks and squares - the PUBLIC SPACE (part 2). The aim is to stimulate the imagination and the somatic sense of play through game proposals to be performed, reinvented and played by children and adults.


Dance and Visual Arts

Age: 4 - 10

Running time:60 mins

Stage (min): 6m x 6m

Audience Size: max 60 participants / 200 general public

No verbal language

FLOU! is a research project on management and the movement that is generated when drawing, the randomly and otherwise driven by lines, tracks and stains. A creation to live it, where tints and forms seemingly non-figurative are taking over the drawing act FLOU! Operates from of random drawing [movement and action of scribbling], the superimposition of black tint and the three primary colors [red, blue and yellow]. Even one that does not result only aesthetic and formal, but rather a diving on the dial with the material.

FLOU! is an intuitive game free of parts in which the composition refers to the imaginary of each artist. Yes we are all artists.

FLOU! is an interactive performance, thought for children between 4 and 10 years old. Sitting around a great blank paper sheet, the children will watch and take part in the drawing processes of a big picture.

The rough dancing traces are inked freely by the performer and the forms are progressively appearing in a symbiotic conversation, so then, “some drawings later”, other drawings, cut from previous performances will arise to the set. These cuts (pieces, drawings, forms) take over the big picture-set by the hands of the children who will play and draw putting together new forms and pictures, delivering a new meaning to the event. At the same time, the drawing, resulted from the actual process will be cut and detached by the performer, making new pictures that will be added to this sort of game and which will be added to the project`s heap and used by the participants of the next events.

FLOU! is a collective experience of the interactive kind, not closed to any specific signification, and which puts forward the proposition of playing “seriously” – as every child does.

single artist – yes! we are all artists. FLOU! has is not closed in signification. Is an invitation to the universe of the continuous flow of forms and compositions.



Conception and Performance IELTXU ORTUETA

Banda Sonora Original Score GIL FUSER


C A M P O / F I E L D

Age: 4+

Audience Size: max 60 participants / 200 general public

Duration: 50 min




CAMPO (F I E L D) is a proposal of collective and effective artistic creation for children from 0 to 7 years who accompanied by their responsible participant in a creative happening together with the artist Ieltxu Ortueta and the musician Gil Fuser. We will discover, invent and create possibilities together, children, us artists and “big kids” who accompany the “small ones”.


CAMPO is a FIELD with intersection of languages [VISUAL ARTS, PERFORMANCE ART, INSTALLATION, GRAPHIC DESIGN and BODY RELATION] Here everything is game and we are all artists!



All Ages



Join, add, unite, group, assemble, collect and also meet are some of the meanings of the verb BATU in euskera, the language of the Basques.

Etymologically the verb comes from BAT, which means ONE.


Outubro/October/Octubre 2020

Touring History


MIRADA - Festival Iberoamericano de Artes Cênicas de Santos, Sesc Santos

Mostra Sesc Cariri de Culturas 2016, Crato and Juazeiro do Norte.


13º FEVERESTIVAL - Campinas International Theatre Festival

Itaú Cultural, VIRADA CULTURAL, São Paulo

Circuito SESC 2017, 9 cities in Brazil

Sesc na FLIP - Paraty’s International Literature Fair, Paraty (RJ),

IV Ciclo VERDANZAR, Montevideu (Uruguai)

FITA CHILE Showcase selection, Santiago (Chile)

International artistic residency KUNARTE at Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque

Country) Research residency and performance.

Azkuna Zentroa, Contemporary Art Center in Bilbao (Basque Country),