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The XPTO Group has an expressive history within the Brazilian

theatre scene. In its 35-year career, it became a reference in

developing a hybrid language that uniquely brings together diverse elements of the performing arts. He has appeared in several Brazilian capitals and also abroad - Argentina, Uruguay,

Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, France, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Hong

Kong, Cuba and India. It has received, during his career, 41 of the most important prizes of Brazilian theatre such as APCA, Mambembe, Shell, APETESP, State Governor, Fundacen, Coca Cola, Panamco, among others.

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Age: 8+

Duration: 45min

Audience Size:

On the imminence of his death, a shipwrecked sailor is faced with the dilemma of letting himself be devoured by vultures or of throwing himself into the sea. Confronting the fatality reserved to him by destiny, he chooses the path of the unknown, diving into the waters of the ocean. In a close island a huge snake lays a strange egg that arouses the curiosity and the ambition of the inhabitants the place. Curiosity, covetousness, anger, interdictions, power struggles, revolt, annihilation. These are some of the themes that will be presented in a symbolic way by the play Oroboro, a parable about the cyclical character of existence - life / death / life.