La Llave Maestra

The company

LA LLAVE MAESTRA is a Hispano-Chilean company of Physical and Visual Theater, born in 2010 in Pamplona Spain, by artists of vast experience in the creation of shows of Physical Theater, Animation of objects, dance and Clown, with the aim of creating a Company that investigates in a gestural language and objects.

Our Theater combines elements of the Theater of Objects, Masks and Gesture, to create poetic and playful shows that develop on stage imaginary universes that connect the viewer with their own dreams and delusions.

We believe in a playful theater, capable of moving the viewer from the sensorial, the emotive and the suggestive, jumping the barrier of the rational and discursive, to enter fully into the territory of the poetic, the surprising and the impossible.

The company has created 3 shows: BESTIARY, PAPER DELIGHTS AND NOMADS.

These shows have been presented in theaters and festivals of SPAIN, TURKEY, HOLLAND, TAIWAN, ARGENTINA, BOSNIA, BRAZIL AND CHILE.


In 2012, BESTIARIO, is awarded by the EUROPEAN NETWORK OF MIMO Y TEATRO GESTUAL with the MOVE AWARD quality seal, for its contribution to the gestural theater. Prize awarded only to 8 European companies.

In 2012 and 2013, BESTIARIO and DELIRIOS DE PAPEL, become part of the catalog of works recommended by the Spanish Theater Network and the AECID catalog for cultural centers and embassies of Spain in the world.

In 2013, the company settled in Santiago de Chile, where it began to spread its shows throughout the country. In 2014, the company receives a Fund from the Council of Culture and Arts of Chile, to conduct a tour of 14 cities in Chile, performing more than 20 functions throughout the country.

In December 2014, the company was awarded an IBERESCENA fund for the creation of its new show NOMADAS, in co-production with the Gayarre Theater in Pamplona.

The company has extensively toured in Spain, Chile, Bosnia, Turkey, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan and Costa Rica.


Contact Touring Management :


T: +56 (9) 9 98 71 44 43








Nomads (Nomadas)

Physical Theatre for Children

Audience range: 6+

Running time:60 mins

Stage (min): 8m x 10m x 3m

Maximum audience size of 1000

No verbal language


NOMADS is a poetic, comic and metaphorical nonverbal show about migration, travels, movement and exile, but also a performance about the poetic journey of life.

In a surprising mix of physical and object theater, NOMADS uses clown language, puppets, physical theater and masks, creating a dream-like universe with suitcases, cardboard boxes, plastic rolls, telling about human and social problems such as migration, loss and resilience.

NOMADS is a journey to imagination, an ode to the brave act of traveling into the unknown. A dance of emotions, a delight for the senses.

IPAY Showcase Selection 2018


Team Information :

DRAMATURGY: Edurne Rankin,Álvaro Morales

DIRECTED BY: Álvaro Morales,Edurne Rankin

CAST: Francisca Artaza, Max Pertier, Edurne Rankin, Mario Espinosa (tramoya)

Touring Management: Amazonas Network

Technical Information :

Minimum stage área: 8m x 10m x 3m (height)

Maximum audience size of 1000

Set-up time: 8 hours

Cast prep time in the theater: 90 minutes

Break-down time: 2 hours

Lighting equipement list: *(Please see attached plot)