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GRUPO SOBREVENTO - 30 years of the best art for young audiences.

SOBREVENTO is a Brazilian Theater Group dedicated to the research of theatrical language. Considered, internationally, one of the greatest Brazilian exponents of the Theater of

Animation, since 1986 it has developed a continuous work that involves the presentation of shows, realization and curation of Festivals and events, as well as different activities of formation and diffusion of Puppet Theater and Theater for Early Childhood.


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/ A Cortina da Baba / The Magic Curtain

/ Só / Alone

/ Meu Jardim / My Garden

/ A Bailarina / The Ballerina



Shadow Theatre

Age range: 4 +

Running time:60 mins

Stage (min): 5m x 5m x 4m

Audience capacity: 150 - 500

No verbal language


NANNYs CURTAIN, text by Virginia Woolf, tells the story of a nanny, who is dozing, while sewing a large blue curtain embroidered with figures representing animals and a small village. At the fifth snore, the figures gradually come to life. First, the animals embroidered on the fabric begin to move. Then they go to a lake to drink water. Then the people who live in a village, also represented in the cloth, leave their homes and enjoy themselves. Everyone tries to please each other, people and animals, because they feel sorry for each other, knowing they are enchanted by a sorceress, by a giant, by an outcast, who is the nanny herself. When the nanny wakes up, awakened by the flight of an insect around a lamp that illuminates her sewing work, everything returns to normal - the animals freeze back in the fabric and she continues to sew.


With four actors-manipulators, original music created by Pedro Paulo Bogossian, scenography and costumes by André Cortez, CORTINA DA BABÁ is the 18th assembly of the GRUPO SOBREVENTO, which has 27 years of career and is internationally recognized as one of the greatest Brazilian exponents of the Animation Theater.

The prodution of SOBREVENTO aims, mainly, to mature the research of the group about the expressive potentialities of the Theater directed towards children, seeking its contemporaneity, by means of the extension of the limits established, prejudiced, by the common sense and by the escape of consolidated structures by customary use. For this, it started from a poetic text of an author of the size of Virginia Woolf, in search of a staging that promotes an intense and contemporary communication with the child, not through the pure logical understanding, but of the sensation, of the sensibility, of the Emotion and involvement. The Project intends to open a discussion about the contemporaneity of Children's Theater in Brazil and issues such as modern dramaturgy and staging aimed at this audience, perceiving this as a field where excess redundancy and the quest to meet narrow expectations is still Because of many prejudices and little questioning.


Press Quotes

“ A masterclass of puppetry,

light and film. Our Verdict: Excellent.”

Folha de São Paulo, Brasil

"One of the more intriguing shows that

should not be missed is Grupo Sobrevento’s

A Cortina Da Baba, which is a masterful shadow puppetry performance featuring intricately detailed puppets and a haunting,

original soundtrack"

CASA Festival, London, UK

Touring History

Since its foundation, the group has maintained a stable and uninterrupted work and has performed in over one hundred cities in 19 Brazilian states. SOBREVENTO has also performed in Peru (1988), Chile (1996, 2002, 2009, 2010), Spain (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014), Colombia 2002), Scotland (2000), Ireland (2000), Argentina (2001), Angola (2004), Iran (2010), Mexico (2010), Sweden (2011), Estonia (2011), representing Brazil in some important International Theater and Puppet Theater Festivals.


Shown at the Mirada Festival, at SESC Santos, and at the CASA Festival in London, England, in 2013.

2017 FamFest, Santiago de Chile

October 2017 – ASK/ 5 weeks tour Shanghai, Kunshan, Hangzhou.