Numerous creations punctuate the career of the company, which employs some twenty people, including creative and performing artists, technicians and administrative staff. At the frontier of visual theater, Michèle Dhallu's creations attempt to break down the barriers between artistic languages. Even if dance remains her preferred medium of expression, she seeks to overturn codes and barriers in order to capture emotion, poetry, humor and, above all, humanity. Since 1992, she has also been choreographing for children, convinced of the particular demands of this audience and its deep connection with dance.

Carré Blanc Cie's approach is one of exchange and close relationship with the public, seeking to broaden the still too specific audience of contemporary dance by encouraging multiple levels of reading of the works. To this end, the company has always been deeply involved in awareness-raising and training.



Borders and Walls

Age: 12+

Duration: 65min

Audience Size: 600


All the energy, enthusiasm and generosity of youth, like a cry of revolt against our walled-in world. Borders and Walls is a dance bursting with energy, generosity, tension, anger and humanity. The choreography, a blend of dance, circus and hip-hop, questions our world's greed for barriers, obstacles and confinement. How can we meet while erecting ever more barriers? Why do our lifestyles forget that the other is a source of richness? Set to spellbinding electronic music, the five young dancers give of themselves without restraint, loudly proclaiming their refusal of intolerance and withdrawal.